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The Nucleus of Technological Innovation of UFRN was founded through the Resolution n° 04/2007 – CONSUNI of September 28th , 2007 in conformity with the Law of Innovation (Law n° 10.973 of December 2nd , 2004 and regulated by the Decree n° 5.563 of October 11th , 2005), linked to PROPESQ located at the Rectory building.

Target Public

The target public of NIT are teachers, researchers, students, UFRN personnel, other institutions of teaching and researching, partner companies and independent inventors.


Manage the innovation policy of UFRN and propagate the importance of intellectual protection in the University, being able to guide researchers on the elaboration of documentation for patent requests, trademark registrations, softwares, cultivars, industrial designs, copyrights, among others. In addition, provide support in the process to transfer technology generated inside the UFRN scope, and stimulate the entrepreneurship with potential of innovation.


  • Evaluate products from projects and activities of innovation and research, accomplished in UFRN, discussing about the convenience of its protection and disclosure;
  • Stimulate the entrepreneurship through the creation of business incubators and junior enterprises on the Campus;
  • Register the intellectual property of products resulting from research and innovation activities accomplished in UFRN by its professors, researchers, personnel, students and staff, monitoring the registration process and maintaining the tittles when granted by INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property);
  • Promote lectures, courses, seminars and similar activities, related to the innovation policy of UFRN, providing consulting assistance in protection of intellectual property, licensing and technology transfer;
  • Participate, when necessary, in negotiations regarding innovation and secrecy of projects ensuring the rights of UFRN.


UFRN Innovation Agency

Telephone: +55 (84) 99167-6589 / 99224-0076


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