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What is a Patent?

Patent is a public grant, given by the State, to ensure to its titular the exclusivity to commercially explore his creation. Then, it is a temporary property tittle granted to who made new products, processes or improvements destined to industrial application. 

What are the categories of Patents?

The Patents may be subdivided in two categories: patents of invention and utility model.

The Patent of invention refers to products or processes absolutelly new and original. Its expiration time is 20 years counting from the deposit date at INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property).

The Patent of Utility Model refers to the improvement of pre-existing products, upgrading its usage or productive process. Its expiration time is 15 years counting from the deposit date at INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property).


Wich are the requirements of a patent?

It is patentable the ivention that meets the requirements of novelty, non-obviousness and industrial application.


  • Novelty: not being known and publicized by oral or writen description; non-existing at the nature;
  • Non-obviounsness: not being obvious for a technician on the subject;
  • Industrial application: if the process or product can be used or produced at any kind of industry.


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